19 April 2016

Hilary "wins" NY

LOL, an arkansas lawer bitch, wellesley schooled, who splayed for the gov, then pres, then moved to *harlem* NY of all places, wins the corrupt state of NY.   Rome is smiling.

I grew up in upstate.

Damn it needs nuking, at least, downstate.  Wipe Harlem, NYC, and especially hillary and her ilk.

Or, kowtow.  A thousand years of domination.

Or, one bullet, one noose, one vote.

LOL her competition is a self-proclaimed socialist.

Yet, she is an undocumented communist.

LOL, lock 'n load.  Prepare your Trumps now.

Trumpiverse coming, trumpadelic, time to clean hous, drain the swamp, send the senators' whore wives back to where they came from.

Especially, Hillary.

Trump/Palin/Lewinsky 2016