21 June 2016

corporate pandering (HR SJW?)

21 June 2016

31 Technology Drive, Irvine, CA
Fagflag flying next to US flag.  Never seen that before.  At a JnJ Medical Device Campus.  After Orlando.

And printed flyers inviting employees to a sodomite (LBGTQwhatever, ie, homosexual, perverted, or mentally ill) meetup, compleat with "straight allies" [sic]   In plain sight, everyone forced to read them on entering a building.

Wonder how 3-way sodomite or 1:M mormon polygamy  or generic N:M polyamory would play out.   There are utah employees after all, and muslims.  Problem, CSS?

During Ferguson chimpout: posters with a negro employee with some comment about "culture".  I thought that was accidental at the time.

In between: break room posters with mongoloid retards and amputees.

WTF these millenial corporate pussy HR need serious hanging.
Meanwhile they charge 10x possible price for medical devices.

Now that I think about it, I haven't seen the truck with the anti-BO, pro-military etc bumper stickers on it recently.  Even though JnJ likes to hire ex-mil.  And other serious conformists.  Mediocrity central: talk the lingo and dress fancy.   Parasitism.   Lip service to patients but outsourced Indian engineering and hazardous scheduling (cut the testing, we have to meet schedule!) mean shareholder/exec is primary.

The Credo hotline is a trap.

Rome didn't fall in a day, but things happen faster now.

@nero save us.