02 April 2016

Brinkman bbqs suck

A few years ago, I spent $150 on a Brinkman propane grill.
It had a lot of stainless.  Looked nice.

Well, 3 years later, the stainless is fine, but the bottom structure is rust paper.  What crap.  How can you make something that is durable except for one (critical) part?

What crap.

So today after an attempt to save the old one I bought a new small gas grill.  Unfortunately it uses LP cylinders, not propane. I think there are adapters.

I could have bought a $80 stainless version of my $30 grille, but I know how the "stainless" may not cover all parts, in which case, BS.   Totally disgusted by the industry, I am.

Note that I spent ~$60 repairing the Brinkman before it was toast.
New burner tubes, heat distributers.   At super-expensive prices.

Total BS.  Don't buy Brinkman.

Next BBQ, I make my own from a regulator and pipes and a drill.


PPS: I once had an excellent heavy ceramic charcoal-fired BBQ.  Souped that mother up with a computer fan.  It cracked when we moved though.  Sad.  But I've worked with seriously pro ovens.

Also, electric, of course.