20 June 2016

Alicia Garza drinking game

Every time she says "black" you have to drink:

I have a lot of respect for President Obama, and while I deeply disagree with some of his actions or lack of action on issues I care about, I still recognize the significance of the first black presidency and the challenges that come with that. Even still, I find it really unfortunate that the first black president that this country has ever had spends so much time chastising black people who have done more in three years to place structural racism front and center than he himself has done in eight years of being president. It’s fascinating to watch President Obama be subjected to blistering prejudice and racism from members of Congress and their supporters, and yet to then watch him chastise black activists and organizers for not wanting to play their version of politics. It’s not a coincidence that an upsurge in a fairly nascent black freedom movement emerges during the administration of the first black president this country has ever had.


Serious coonin