09 August 2016

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps just won gold.

Fucking stoner.  Bong hits and he still is the best swimmer in the universe.  Doper.  Wastecase. Head.  Loser.


Motivated intelligent athlete whose fondness for cannabis has hurt him exactly ZERO aside from cultural feedback ie sponsors.

However, consider the Phelps brand in Colorado etc.

I personally have 4 patents, make $135K, and have smoked many kilos of grass followed by grams of concentrates.

I loathe the stupid proles and like Maynard welcome the apocalypse.

Zika means everyone is as stupid as the politicians.  A Vonnegut universe.  Awesome.

Tool.  King Crimson.  Rush.  Tom Waits.  Bach.  Laurie Anderson.
Iggy Pop.  Kronos Quartet.  Lou Reed.  Smashing Pumpkins.

Trump because why not, and empires implode a lot faster now.

Einsturzende Neubauten.