23 May 2013

the rise of stego; national security religion

Because its become obvious to the most rural Wazi that all comms are overheard, and traffic analysis is trivial, perhaps steganograhy will take off. Expect to see lots more cat pictures from the caliphate. LOLcats are terrorist weapons. Just like belief in heavens and other Afterlives. Thank goodness we have today's Supreme Leader's recent (parrotted from his handlers) advertisement for drones! No more Blackhawk-Downs (tm). Sure, we assasinate, but we won't fly armed drones over CONUS (except for 100 mi in from the borders and coastlines). Besides, we say "targeted termination" not assasination. "NATIONAL SECURITY" now shut up and stop thinking. Its a religion. Believe in us, we'll keep you safe from the fears we cultivate in you. Never mind that We generate the real threat. The proles are disposable; they live below bouncing bomb dams, they make ball bearings, they feed the Insurgents/Rebels/Terrorists/Protestants. Rome did not fall in a day, but things are faster now. Rome also used foreign mercenaries in its army, just like the US today. You can be a homosexual non-citizen negro female US soldier and dominate Afghani males in the nation you occupy. How's that workin out for ya? Folks in glass empires ought not to fly drones.