07 May 2013

Following the herds

Laid off, 1 and 11/12ths into it. In the last week I programmed 8051 code to read a NFC chip (I was given the wrong datasheet and had to reverse-engineer the IC's address myself) and set up embedded linux wifi-direct groups. Also major Wiresharking diagnostics for a FUBAR wifi direct project the company got in bed with. Hilarious, my tyrannical boss lost two in a month when I was hired, then lost another recent hire. Got two more freshmeats, one of them said to me he'd leave, was pissed at our boss pissing on him/us because his now obsolete corp bosses are pissed. But they can't do anything. His only >2 year employee is a 49 year old woman with a 6 year old kid who is the aggressive software lead. Who unfortunately has no design docs, just read the code. And because code is $ optimized (size) not performance or safety (problem? reset!) its a 1970s global hell, to save pennies. Wonderful. The actual production was by a completely asian group of excellent american-naturalized engineers. At least I've learned low power coding and various sensor ICs. Also seen manufacturing, serious amerikan offshoring, mediocrity, and management hubris. Good luck with that. How are them tablets workin out for ya? I guess buggy-whips are kinda old. Like IR databases. But if that's your kurestu, play it. Are SONY execs seriously wearing hawaian shirts and flip flops because of FUKU? Lol. STBU, Michael Jackson = Beelzebub Manager. Do Nips have devils? The boss and his boss make decisions without input. they sell things they haven't built. they are dinosaurs who think the dino way persists. Not the way I run my craft. Not the way I want my Guild to operate. Glad I'm free.