05 February 2013

stay calm and carry on

To my watchers,

yeah, I got some more peroxide, and I got more rash too.  Iodine, bleach don't cut it.  And your organics are lame for me.

I've got a kitty on my lap, kid in school, job, home to maintain, substance hobbies, and a bumper sticker from 2008 on my car.    And I'm listening to Evening Star http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGz1bXy_B0o
so I'm pretty much harmless.
Stay calm and carry on.

And hope the big one hits up north, not us.  And definately not both at the same time, yikes, rupture, double yikes.

Also, you know, the US really could be great and moral again.  Really.  But I doubt it.

Folks in glass empires ought not fly drones.  Fragility, you know?  Rome did not fall in a day.  But things are faster now.  Jets vs. chariots, etc, intertubes stuffed with cats vs. runners or semaphores.

I just want people to get along, which means they have to be able to chose / leave / join whatever groups they want.

There's an internet / programming aphorism: accept anything, generate only careful output.  The former means be skeptical of your input. The latter means be truthful.

If someone doesn't want to be a catholic that's fine; if they do, that's fine too.  Voluntarism.  Non-coercion.

Tough with kids, otherwise trivially easy ethics.

Yours in the Constitution,

A Citizen