11 February 2013

Dorner's target in Irvine

Phil, Amy Lucille, Nick Tingirides. Amy was born in 1963, Nick was a 6th grader in 2008 and is now a junior or senior. Live on Desert Willow in Irvine, ca. We know this because a neighbor who is traceable spoke to the paper. He likes cars and does doors. Of course, cops have better closed databases than us citizens. I Drove up Harvard today, saw a non-Irvine cop car at Sun-shade, which connects to Desert Willow. Corroboration. His neighbors are endangered and pissed. You can find Amy at https://pinterest.com/atingirides/followers/ Also some PTA docs that list her phone number. And Nick's football picture out there too. Got OSINT? Isn't Social Media (tm) wonderful? Trust the govt. Turn in your guns. Vary your patterns :-)