05 February 2013

de re peroxide

Complex biological antifungals or antibacterials can be defused by some tricky evolutionary chem-fu by the targets.  Pump it out, oxidize it, isolate it, etc.

But things like Cl, I, O3, UV, Hg, As, (and associated activated oxygen with the first few) can't really be evolved away ---the ions simply jam the mechanism.  I suppose alpha-irrad of skin also counts, as just an extreme example of the UV photons.

Anyway, I thought it was a bug bite, but it seems to be a focal infection spot.  Not mrsa or anything dangerous but persistent as hell in my experience.

Sometimes I dose I, Cl, Perox in succession to really f with the skin parasites.

Had it well before I slept with dogs or cats.  Under control for years; think I got it once from a hostel.

First world problems, really.   Like my lost oil-filling-cap, and the bastards supposedly ordered it but it wasn't there today.

Thanks for listening :-P