13 February 2013


> my client of 20+ years can only read > less than 20 at a time and it hangs completely. > > don't tell greg or david & carmel etc they'll hurt themselves laughing > > > > recent article about dog bark info- > content in sci am (IIRC). > > dogs can tell 'stranger bark' > from 'get away from my food bark'. > wolves almost never bark. domesticated but not wild foxes bark (in Russia; > I haven't read this study, I've read of it). > > Humans can't tell which dog is barking though, except for the stranger > bark, which makes sense. that's the one that matters for human-guardian > interactions. > > click n clack (cartalk, npr 10-11 am west coast) recently discussed how > dogs barked at each other when the guys had a dog in the radio studio and a > caller had a dog in their house, and it escalated. > > personally I look forward to the dog sitting on my lap each evening. He > will rest his chin (as he's doing now) on my right typing forearm, him > sitting on my lap, the dimensions being perfect. Plus, my inner elbow is > warmer than ambient, and his chin, even more so. > > when there's more light in the eve > when I get home > I read printouts of tech docs supported on the back of the dog on my lap > outside. much better than igizmo or kindle displays on a stand. > > I love the smell of dogs in the morning... it smells like.. victory > > > I heard today that the $alesmen get bonuses based on sales to customers > minus ESTIMATED engineering time. So guess who gets to estimate > engineering time? Essentially the salesmen. > > Game anyone? > > A friend of mine is fomenting illumination. As I told him, I am > repelled but not surprised. My strategy has been to document bs > and point out that I had no input > for schedules. And that salemen sell stuff that doesn't exist yet. > > BS. You want your pacemaker built like that? How about your car's brake > by wire? The incredible fluidity between requirements, design, and > implementation in software really damages us. > > At work I watch a whole apt complex get built. Bulldozers, ironworkers, > concrete pouring. Very very cool. > > They never have more than 2 dozen people. They never have spec changes, > have all their tools and supplies when they need them, know that their > stuff will work, and is approved, and checked by third parties. They have > designs that have been thought out and about, and then they execute. Its > not, can you change this midway and keep the schedule. > > Back to fomenting (calming the ranting and raving aka flaming). > > I support this education/insurrection, discretely of course. > > Without feedback there is no learning. > > > > .... > > My current hobby is interspecies comms with domesticated pet species. Is > there an emoticon for bellyrubs? > > I am particularly fascinated with how pack-oriented dogs are, and how > humans have exploited that (in addition to various superfluous decorative > mutations like floppy ears, curly tail, mostly white, and small). > > One more slight thing I'm interested in is in how dogs' black skin > (required where no hair, ie on nose and lips) and dark eyes define a > triangle that tells you where your pack-mates are oriented towards. > Even without my glasses, this myopic can tell where his doggeh is looking. > > Isaac has ceased being a compliant cognitive science subject, so I have to > work on dogs now.