18 August 2014

the first woodpecker

 2xAES256 doesn't equal AES512. Look up meet-in-the-middle attacks.

If you depend on a single algorithm (e.g., AES) instead of a chain of independent (in several senses) algorithms (eg AES followed by a few other contenders) you are a pathetic optimist.

Computation is free.  (Meh, batteries)

Because Snowden. 

As if you didn't know. Gilmore.

Other links are weaker: key distribution, your children, your OS, videobugs.  But really, depending on one approved algorithm?   And hbleed?  And gotoFucked?

TCMay may forgive your souls.  Unlikely though, he is a harsh master.

I'll see your DNS worm and raise you a BGP attack.  Or maybe ve sent de death packet und you gives us der Taivan.

Please tell me you didn't just build the latest version of your civilization on a prototype.