30 August 2014

Ebola update

Ebola spread in one country because of a witchdoctor's funeral.

Love it!  The irony!  Excellent juju magic!

CDC says 20K deaths expected.  They are low by a few orders of magnitude.

Liberia opening their infected slum.  Liberia is now toast.  And surrounding countries too.

Nuclear carpet bombing.  Or napalm.

And africans lie about their contacts, spreading it.  Gotta love this!

Some vaccine works on monkeys.   Lol, africans and monkeys, how racist.

CDC not reporting deaths since underreported and too many.

Exponential growth!  And an RNA virus mutates quickly, too.

Crater airfields, mine harbors.  Snipers sans frontieres.  Quarantine with extreme prejudice.  Civilization is choice.

Kill it with fire.

1918 was for pussies.

And yet, the US still lets africans in.  And has a porous border.

With extreme prejudice.  Apocalpyse now, if you don't.