07 August 2014


Dam(n).  I would have checked this out.  Landslides are fascinating.  Steep slopes and bursty rains.  Not New England.

There was a full 1-2 mm drizzle over the weekend in Irvine.  SoCal, August.  Its obviously the polar bears waging climactic warfare on us.

Meanwhile, there are huge numbers of iridescent june bugs buzzing about.  All the flight agility of a bumblebee and some glam makeup too.  I have a window at work and maybe three hit the glass each morning.

Also lots of big lizards.  Despite the drought, or perhaps because of it.  Recently, lots of ants in OC, including our house, when normally we're immune.  End times. 

End times: there is near-zero lightening in SoCal, but someone got zapped on a beach in the last few weeks.  Yowza. 

End Times: Wait til they figure out that ebola can vector via mosquitoes.

And you laughed at japanese bowing instead of handshakes,
or various bury-quickly traditions (eg Semitics) instead of walk a zillion tourists pass a corpse in state.  Or Hajj. 

Even the burn-the-thatch-house-down traditions of various cultures (eg amerinds subject to hanta etc) makes a heck of a lot of sense.

Pork sashimi at your own risk.  Stop eating bats and kissing corpses.  Bad juju.  Can I have fries with that roadkillcurly fries?

If it leaves africa, shoot it or sink it.  Or, real estate gets very cheap.  Very.  And the employment numbers go down when 9 of 10 workers are, um, out of the competition.

Civilization's a choice.  Yours.  Just think of the lesser traffic!  No more overpopulation woes.  No war or famine.  Just plague.  LOL.  Nine of your neighbors dead, just you left in the middle.


California Mud.  Yeah, that was a real big problem.  


wow. the whole area was affected.

Thousands stranded, at least 1 killed by Southern California mudslides