08 August 2013


Huanglongbing is the awesome name of citrus greening disease.

Its carried by psyllids.   the Asian citrus psyllid (Sternorrhyncha: Psyllidae).  Can't imagine how that got to California, lol.

Supposedly it could damage Ca's $2e9 citrus crop.  Several ag counties are quarantined. 

Imagine the bio-vandalism if you were to spread it?   

Smack trees with plastic paddles to shake out the bugs onto sheets: catch, (drive and) release.

Also fun with zebra mussells and asian carp in the great lakes region.

"Why no, I don't have any fruits or vegetables with me..." just insects.

Just a gedankenexperiment on the fragility of ecosystems to invasion, the role of mobile vectors like birds, bees, cars, jet planes...

twelve monkeys..