17 August 2013

egypt, libertarian apologetica for tariff suggestion

1. Egypt is in civil war, few say this
2. Egypt military took over but USG won't say "coup" because this cuts off
$USD 1,500,000,000 bribe to Egypt military ie puppet control of egypt
3. US prefers EG mil to Mus Bros because MB is related to Al Q and very
much less manipulable.  Not many USG handlers of MB members, cf .mil.
4. But USG has lost the caliphate, the crusades were fired up again ~1982
and the muslims won thirty years later.  Look at USSR btw in .af.  And project for .us.

Beware foreign entanglements --Gen Washington.

Limit borders ---impose import tariffs--- buy open market resources but do not colonize, or support, any foreign govt, including Israelies or various Middle Eastern puppet kingdoms.  Sure, develop renewables including nuclear, and help the Canadians with their exports.  Limit population.  Build infrastructure, not wars = enemies.

Stay the F out of european, asian, middle eastern wars.  Be a leader by example, like Switzerland.

The BoR is beautiful, respect it.  Or earn disdain for not respecting it.
This is how "values" work.

BTW, tariffs (as cautiously proposed, above) are counter to pure lib principles.
I am currently working this out.
I may be wrong, though I think *in the current evil environment* I may be right.
That's admittedly a horrible distortion.
In a real free market, such intervention would be immoral.

Maybe this is a reaction to (unexeceptional) human obsolescence,
and the usual exponential pop growth.  Malthus is undeniable.

Maybe civ collapses in 20 years (2038 anyone? :-) and we're drying deer hides on the guard rails of freeways, see Fight Club.  Maybe misremembered.   I only hope my kid is adaptive.  and immune if there's an epidemic.  my personal survival instinct is somewhat atrophied after 49 orbits.  I do like my felines, canids, corvids, captured tweety, hummingbird, bats, lizards, mice, rates, but I am very
Engaged with Nature.

And so, amused by the tragicomedy of human affairs.  Anthropologist from Mars.