08 August 2013

clue for folks living near forests succeptible to fires

If you live in a fire possible area,

don't use flammable or dark exterior materials
do keep clearance
do grow succulent barriers
do back your data up offsite

gunnite (sprayable concrete) may be your friend well in advance

meltable plastic bags filled with water may be useful

that acrylimide water gel used in diapers, paint hardeners, and soil water retention may be useful for immobilizing water

Get your unscanned unbacked-up life pictures etc in a box.  And your "docs", guns, meds, and other bugout necessities.

bring cameras, notepads, pens, watches, water, water, water, foodbars.

Your car will catastrophically fail in heat: tires blow, windows shatter, interior catches fire, then engine and fuel tank.

Am also disturbed when I see a 200 gallon propane tank in front of a burning house.  Because I was imagining being a fireman (not possible with my current physical plant!) seeing that.

Firemen: do not risk yourselves.  Its all mesmerizing movement until someone gets hurt.