10 February 2009

Saw this at http://honor.smugmug.com/

My family constructed a simple memorial for the US soldiers fallen in Iraq. To date we
have erected plaques ("Sentinels"), recognizing by name each fallen service man or woman. The memorial is located at a local park a few blocks from our home. (Northwood park, Irvine Ca.) "The Gratitude & Honor Memorial"

What is funny is that it started out as a crucifix per corpse, but eventually there were too many corpses to set up sticks for all of them. And of course it continues. Will a "permanant" memorial have ellipses for the continuing dead? Will the corpses from the Afghan adventure get their own, or have to share?


The temporary memorial also gets commented upon ---I've seen "Empire" pasted over it, sometimes its torn down, and "FAIL" would certainly be appropos. A muslim symbol would also be pretty good, and a wiccan and atheist headstone too.

Pretty sure we don't need to be reminded of failed empire with more death memorials.
Especially near the children playground --no war porn in Irvine, thank you very much.
But the senile, impotent old men who push this kind of thing ---Andy Zelinko (retired cop, catholic) and the braindamaged, pseudo-doctor, and zionist filth Asher Milgrom, and others--- have nothing better to do with their time. (Check out Milgrom's bio at
http://www.amacorp.com/blog/?page_id=49 and you'll see what a freak he is/was. Holistic acne lasers, right. He also gave over two grand to the McCain/MILF campaign)

Just some of the freaks in Irvine. I've mentioned onetime mayor Christina Shea who's live in daughter was a methamphetamine freak, while the elder Shea was mayor?