01 February 2009

I've had sores on my upper thighs for some years now. Recently underwent
two courses of ciproflaxin to see only temporary change. I've used topical antibiotics
and antifungals to no avail. I've freaked about MRSA but I it was diagnosed as cellulitis.

Well, some time ago I made more AgC2 than I thought clever, and put
it, in water, in lightproof plastic containers outside for maybe half a year at temperatures
between say 50 and 100 F. When I finally opened it, it was black goo, instead of the
beige flocculent originally produced. I thought it had completely decomposed, but when
dried, will detonate under flame, leaving carbon and silver dust.

But, it works great on my chronic sores. It is likely the highly dispersed silver, but the
dispersed carbon may also matter, and who knows, the energetic acetylide might be antibiotic.
Yes, it is lampblack dark where treated, but its winter, I'm wearing long pants, and this
is my thighs not shins.

I have some regular ole silver nitrate, that would form silver chloride on me, which would under light decompose to fine silver. One can also buy silver nitrate gel, if you want to pay lots of money.

I also have iodine crystals, for science not meth, but I haven't used those, and likely tincture
of is sufficient. I used that on some ringworm on my shoulders. I've also used turpentine, not sure if that worked, but its also a pre-industrial cure.