22 September 2013


It is possible to live as a Hermit, and Amish Atheist, in Irvine.

I don't answer my landline, my cell doesn't work at home, I often don't use the computer at home.

I have designed circuits in Verilog, written code, GUIs, medical devices, crypto, metnworking etc.  Built digital logging geiger counters, chemistry, x-ray generators from scratch.  Unix from Sunos 4.3 to Ubuntu.  I like firearms.  Made thermite from beach sand.  Raised a cat for 18 years.  Grow catnip.  WokADog.

You probably don't want to fuck with me.   I mean, intellectually.  Physically, we don't go there.  A thumbscrew will convert 95% of humanity.  A thumbscrew on their child gets the other 5%.

Hi Gen'l Alex. Nosuchagency.

Rome did not fall in a day.
Folks in glass empires ought not throw drones.