22 September 2013

dog park

Took dog to DP in a loaner car that's not supposed to have pets.  Or go to mexico.
(Duh)  Or smoke.  Well, two of three... but I bought those newcarsmell trees and will deploy.  Loaner is too big and drives differently.  I don't need electrical carseat adjustment.  I like the moonroof.  But for $2K I get my familiar Subaru with another year or two.  I want to give it to my nearly 14 year old son in 2 years.

Told a newcomer to DP family/dog to unleash, dog loved running free.  A bit dominant but not seriously ill behaved.  It was a adopted from a 'foster parent' who got it from someone who could no longer care for it.  Cool.  they were friendly persians who had found the DP because they needed to get rid of paint and the Irvine haz waste dropoff is right next door.

(In fact I like snagging useful chems from them when I visit, but they're closed on Sun and Mon, and the DP is closed on Weds.)

The DP city staff posted something saying they'll remove dogbowls.  WTF, dogs sniff butts, nosetouch, roll in poop, do you really think shared bowls are a problem?

I am considering epoxying a bowl to the infrastructure.  Or, bring cutup milk jugs.

Listening to Adrian Belew, acoustic.