28 July 2013

Irvine Americas safest city for serious crazies

Grocery bagger off meds decapitates fellow Albertson's employees with a sword, whilst dressed like some movie character.  Taken out by Irvine Police sniper.
This was where I get groceries.  I recognized his face.

Mormon Gynecologist Larry Ford.   Has south african bioweapon researcher ties and live biowarfare agents in his garage fridge, military explosives buried in his back yard.  Is accused of hiring a hit on a partner.  Ford blows his head off with a shotgun when the Irvine Police visit his Irvine home.  Neighbors are evac'd to fancy hotels when explosives found.  The unresolved questions are not answered, but there are also threads about recreational and HIV drugs and sexual coercion.

Occasional others.  A physics grad killed his SO at UCI last year or so.

One of the very first email legal implications was at UCI when a mexican student emailed lots of people with his gripes about asians.    This is now a classic