19 July 2013

Big company getting old

I have worked for and interviewed at a few "big companies getting old".  Typically they have complex, unmaintainable software.  Components that could be open and modern are proprietary.  Their are stifling organizational fiefdoms.  There are way too many managers between actual programmers and execs.  Accountants will hold up your purchase of tools you need today.  Project Managers cycle frequently.
STB customers pull you by the nose.  Documentation is nonexistent.   Hardware is scarce.


past JVE its all managers who don't code.

Apparently and not surprisingly Extron also has this problem  ---and its also ~30 years old.

Can you spell "technological debt"?   I knew you could.  Though actually Extron seemed to have fewer levels than previous place.

The whole TV/ STB / Audio Visual market is going to implode, face it.

You can milk late-adopters only so long.

The tablet will defeat Remotes, FOSS video distribution will defeat Extron.  Mammals eat birds.