14 January 2013

early julian

   PTSN stands for "Public Telephone Switching Network". Quite deffinatly the
biggist network in the world with over a billion connections (obviously). I am
constantly annoyed at my brains non-ability in the area of eidetic recall. If
you have ever done any drawing from memory, you may have noticed how your hand
is guided into the vauge outlines and shapes of thighs, calves or flowers. It
is a little like Newton's method for find roots of equatons? Yes? Conciousness
is an extreamly interesting trait. The fact that YOU can be altered so easily
at the base level is frightening. Being alive seems to be just as I imagined it
would. And it feels? Yeah... it swings from feeling fucked, to feeling fucking
good. Just remember kids, it all ends soon...