24 June 2011

We are a world that will quickly take up arms against perceived aggressors, but hesitates at violent revolution. The cyber war commits no overt violence. The attackers cause no damage to life or limb. They barely make a dent in the economic security of the servers they invade. Those servers are back on line in a matter of days or hours. The information removed from them is information that tells us how we have been manipulated, blind-folded and fooled into giving away our natural and human resources, and into turning against each other. It’s information we needed to know, and it’s all out there. The only question left is, what to do about it.

Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall, and the pieces can’t be put back together. The time for subterfuge and deceit is over. A bully might get what he wants from his classmates, obedience, material goods, unlimited attention, but he doesn’t get their affection. The tyrant might pass laws that are to his advantage, but the advantage doesn’t include respect. Suppressive laws might soften the voices of discontent, but not silence them. History will not turn the corporate and financial villains into heroes.