17 June 2011

I am intoxicated so i have no idea why i post this

The real issue is: how does your
Domestic Feline Service Provider
authenticate you? Mine knows my
smell, gait, voice, and very rough static appearance.

We (FSP and me) have also evolved a stateless
communication protocol involving
food, access, association, etc.
Knowing your half of the proprietary
protocol is weak authentication. He tends to work above 1 or 2kHz.

Since cameras and microphones and
accel/gyros are free,
I expect my gizmo to recognize me. Maybe use a fingerprint sensor to tell Me from Junior, transparently. CAT may know that he can fight/bleed me, but ought not to with Junior.

My menu is different from his. Behavioral affordances. Context dependent. Interspecies comms. Clear concise intent.