31 March 2010

afghani ambassador to us

dead man walking

don't get tangled on the puppet's strings

US ain't us, baby.

Did I write this before? I don't read past posts, as a matter of policy,
so I don't get inhibited.

Brian Williams needs killing.

Lava is good.

Too much rain is bad, but predictable, so deal with it.

Michelle Obama needs to grow cannabis.

Like Martha Washington.

female attackers generally are, killing an average of 21 people per attack compared to 13 for males

Hows that for equal work? And they both get entry into Paradise, so its not even equal pay!
Couple of more bombs in Russia today. NYT has a good article on
how military occupation is the root cause. At least with Russians
and Chechens; of course, the US would never occupy another nation
or have hundreds of bases worldwide..


30 March 2010


Primitive cultures like to breed birth defects. Plenty of suicide bombers with mental
That Kramer from Seinfeld was just doing a LennyBruce

One night at the Vanguard I watched in shocked amazement as he pointed to a customer and said, “Oh look, we’ve got a nigger here tonight.” The crowd froze. “And another darky is with him and a third jigaboo.” The silence was deafening. But Lenny was an advocate of the old show business maxim: if you’ve gone too far… go farther. He’d only just begun “Look over here”, he said, “A kike. And a mocky is at the table with him. And we got two spicks in the back. Hey, there’s a fag at the bar.” Slowly, the laughter began. Lenny said nigger a hundred times. Finally the crowd was howling. The pure outrageousness of it all had gotten to them and they simply had no choice.

29 March 2010

Ok, I've fed crows. And seen Amazonian wild parrots in Irvine outside
my second story window. The cat has brought in tweety birds and hummingbirds.

Today, a pair of ducks revisited our street. Since I had fed them cat food
before, I did again. And hosed them down, which they loved. Met some
neighbors during the process.

Will post pix. Was much fun. Interspecies comms. I even had to hose
the cat down as he was getting stalky. But mostly, the female ate kibble while the male watched out. Eventually he ate a little, but she was clearly much more hungry and he wanted her to eat. She got a lot of protein. I hope I've encouraged in the evolutionary sense friendly ducks. Actually,
I know I have; whether it matter is separate.
"As far as possible we will try to avoid civilian targets, but for me there are no civilians in Russia," Umarov told Prague Watchdog, a news site devoted to Chechnya, during a rare interview in July. "Why? Because a genocide of our people is being carried out with their tacit consent."

Drunk Man Gives Mouth-to-Mouth to Roadkill, say Police

The accompanying picture shows only a healthy if imprisoned opossum, alas.
And the Chechens score another big one with yet another dual female blasts, folks!
And this time right in the heart of Moscow! Awesome play, and just as called by
a leading freedom fighter just last month!

Naturally the rapid NYC authorities are convulsing in orgasms of fascist paranoia
Democrats pointed to Palin's language as an example of the way they said Republicans have incited angry actions and threats from citizens. Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.), for instance, said Palin and others were "fanning the flames with coded rhetoric."

Some congresshit picking on poor Sarah's language. For, as typical of americans, violence and violent 'sports' language is commonplace. Vulgar is as vulgar does.

The best part: the congresshit's name is, itself, inciting violence: Slaughter

27 March 2010

Two blacks down for tsa

Come on BO pick a winner

26 March 2010

New crew at the dispenso. And their frickin printer was down so I had to visit again in an hour, which was fine, as I had to pick up the kid. I was a few minutes late because of this. Anyway I started off on how the farmers had done an excellent job of artificial selection, and the Dude said they were doing
serious GM. I laughed and said no, pedigrees and farmer selection are not

Still, its great when the sans seeds top shelf has seeds. Seeds otherwise worth ten or twenty dollars. Dude!

Horticulture is the new plastic.

In upholding the ban on assault weapons, the judge cited the Supreme Court’s 2008 decision. He said the court found a constitutional right to possess only those weapons in “common use” that are typically possessed by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes.

The city council concluded that assault weapons are military-style weapons of war, made for offensive military use.


Dumbass Urbina, the constitution only allows for military style weapons, you have no constitutional right to hunt ducks.

McCain, Palin to campaign together in Arizona

FILE - In this July 26, 2009 file photo, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gives her resignation speech during a ceremony in Fairbanks, Alaska. (AP Photo/Al Grillo, File)
FILE - In this July 26, 2009 file photo, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gives her resignation speech during a ceremony in Fairbanks, Alaska. (AP Photo/Al Grillo, File) (Al Grillo - AP)
The Associated Press
Friday, March 26, 2010; 6:35 AM

PHOENIX -- John McCain helped Sarah Palin launch her national political career two years ago. Now, she's trying to help McCain save his. The former running mates will campaign together Friday for the first time since losing the presidential race in 2008.

Wow, Loser John is even more desparate than before!

Its not terrorism if the government does it.

So says the government.

25 March 2010

Man accused of stomping pelican who stole his catch at Newport Pier

March 25, 2010 | 2:01 pm

Orange County prosecutors have charged a Perris man who allegedly attacked a pelican on the Newport Pier when it tried to steal his catch.

The incident occurred last week, and authorities allege the fisherman stomped on the pelican’s beak. An online posting from a local rescue shelter said he also kicked it in the head.

Daniel Richard Moreno, 19, will be in court Friday for a pretrial hearing after pleading not guilty last week to misdemeanor animal cruelty. Police said Moreno was fishing on the pier about 3:30 p.m. on March 14 and set one of the fish he caught on the ground next to him.

That’s when a pelican standing on a nearby building’s roof swooped down and tried to grab Moreno’s fish, authorities said.

The pelican had a 33- to 36-centimeter “hairline fracture” on its beak, Debbie McGuire, director for the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center in Huntington Beach, told the Daily Pilot. The fracture drew blood from the bird, police said.

-- Joseph Serna, Daily Pilot

Photo: The pelican who was allegedly attacked. Credit: Daily Pilot

22 March 2010

20 March 2010


First, a natural gas pipe was shoved through a hole drilled into the roof of the gang enforcement unit's headquarters. The building filled with flammable vapor but an officer smelled the danger before anyone was hurt.

Then, a ballistic contraption was attached to a sliding security fence around the building. An officer opening the black steel gate triggered the mechanism, which sent a bullet within eight inches of his face.

In another attempted booby trap attack, some kind of explosive device was attached to a police officer's unmarked car while he went into a convenience store.

(Now a bomb threat)

19 March 2010

EDMONTON - Anti-oilpatch activist Wiebo Ludwig says there are innocent explanations for articles police seized from his farm in northwestern Alberta.

The 68-year-old says some of the terrorism books found were gifts, the chemistry texts were for home schooling and the marijuana was for his pregnant goats.

The items were seized when Ludwig was arrested two months ago on suspicion he had a role in pipeline bombings across the boundary in British Columbia.

Ludwig was released after the Crown prosecutor said there wasn't enough evidence to lay a charge.

Ludwig, who spent time in prison for oilpatch vandalism, has for years spoken against sour gas wells, which he says have poisoned his animals and caused stillborn babies in his family.

He says police have no case against him and are trying to make him look guilty.

I don't know his case, but I see nothing wrong with some grass or books.

lyas Iqbal had told the jury he had developed a keen interest in military history from early childhood after watching the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Predator and his brother said he had seen the film 600 times.


Terrorism history of America

18 March 2010

Watching some plants grow. Thinking about evolution: growing under lights
will definately select for certain characteristics. And here I am, growing outdoors.

Same for intelligence. Jews and Asians must have been subjected to stronger evolutionary
pressure to have higher "g", since "g" is an adaptive (ie breeding) trait. At least in the long
term; anti-intellectualism is also a trait, perhaps cultural with a genetic bedrock.
And intellectualism carries penalties; so does half sickle cell anti-malaria trait and half Tay-Sachs TB resistance.


Plants under lights:

Temperature intolerance
Light hungry
Weak stems
Stoma incompetence
Wind intolerance
Bug vulnerable
Weakened root system
Generally narrower tolerance of conditions and lesser resistance to parasites --much like cows or other domesticated animals. If you take it to the levels of purebred dogs, you get into serious genetic defects, and show the limits of the basic architecture.

Hyper trichome-ism is a good thing, though.

Yes, we are better than our ancestors. Our grass is stronger, and over a long term and population (only) average, we are fitter --smarter and physical plant healthier.

But wealth leads to decadence, abundant food to genetic lack of selection, diversity, but also decay. The nucleic library molds and decays, without copying and editing.

Nature is the editor.

Do not fuck with mother nature.

(Do not take this post to condemn GM or breeding or hormone (etc) manipulation
---they're cool with me. I mean this in the larger spiritual creed sense as well as
the practical. We don't have Biblical dominion (tm) but we have Objectivist

Rule 1 of Nature club: Mother nature always wins
Rule 1.1: Nature includes the four forces and all of matter and energy.
Rule 1.2 Nature does not give a fuck about what is represented in the heads of humans
And so on.

Will have to think about this; or will anyway.

16 March 2010

Lebanon. Watching a pianist from there.

Once knew a fellow grad student. Very smart, very strong --she was a weighlifter.

Worked on a defib with a Lebanese Chief EE. He had worked on vents, and does now, I hear.

When I worked at CSMC there was a Lebanese place I'd get food from.
Dad had a tattoo which when asked he pointed up. Had a remarkably
hyper-curved daughter.

15 March 2010

Ways to appreciate a film:

  • zoom in on your tv
  • watch the director etc commentary and cut if they exist
  • watch over and over, attend to links (similarities or
  • differences in the same dimension) within the movie
  • slow it down
  • watch without sound

Seriously, dogg, a lot of this is embaressing. Please stop reading.
If I think you're reading, I can't write. I need to write.

PS: seen Fight Club? Most movies I can only watch once, but I bought
that one, and have been teaching myself film appreciation by watching
it a lot. Everything in the movie is symbolic and/or tied to a previous
event in the movie.

the physical violence is small; the psych violence, massive.

And now I appreciate the Pixies.
Filled out the census form just now. Didn't take 10 minutes to write
03 in a spot and mail it.

Did my constitutional duty. Anything else is socialist pandering.
They didn't even ask if we were legal. I could have added my cat,
to get "extra funding for the state/county/whore" but I didn't.

Census 2010: rounding up muslims and dissidents for your security.

(No j-dogg I'm not actually that paranoid, don't be concerned.
An anonymous blog is for venting. I came, I saw, I vented.
BTW have i remarked how disturbing it was for me to be tied to
this spew?)
Two words the government doesn't want linked: Census and Manzanar.

Census 2010 http://www.nps.gov/manz/
Manzanar http://www.2010.census.gov

13 March 2010

Rings and groups etc. Why can't mathematicans just leave alone?
I mean, ok, there's addition and then there's multiplication. Fine.
In addition 0 gives you the same and 1 gives you successor. In
mutliplication 0 gives you 0 and 1 gives you the same. Ok, we get it.

But that I could handle by referring to addition and multiplication intuition. But linear algebra, I got a C and had to convice my advisor to let me survive.
I get dot products but damn the rest of linear algebra and matrices were taught without any insight or intuition.

Anyway, kids: addition is a 10x10 ROM you're programmed with. Same for multiplication. Plus, in both instances, an algorithm for using that table
to handle arbitrary digit operations.
That is what elementary school "math" is: memorizing tables and
learning to perform algorithms.
Watching the Pianist. Roman Polanski.

BTW, Colin Powell or his son, TiVo isn't that great, but Netflix is.

The german socialists were bad people.

Makes me wanna check my gun collection.


The regulations on jews leading up to the ghettoes etc appear ludicrous to me... armbands? Holy cow, that would be such an obvious sign, now,
perhaps in retrospect.

Conservatives are particularly fond of vice taxes, which is how
they see cannabis. They don't like income etc taxes, so they will
support an alcohol model for cannabis with the regulate, control, tax
referendum. That's a good thing; its also using their tiny minds against

NEITHER vice nor income etc taxes are good things. All taxes are necessary
evils, necessary to support only the minimal government and minimal military necessary to protect the Union.

But, the 2010 census is Amerika's last; it will be several regions in a few years, when DC falls.

So, there is hope, after all.

12 March 2010

Psychiatry. Listen to an hour a day of folks making appointments.
Hear half.

The facts. Shrinks are MDs, deal drugs. Therapists are talktalks, no meds.
Some need only shrinks, some only talk, some both.

What you need to know:

first visit is 45 minutes, you give your history and symptoms. You figure
out a drug.

A month later you eval the drug. Side effects or ineffectual, try another.

When stable, see doc only 15 min every 3months or 6months. Some drugs
eg lithium require blood tests after start and periodically. Some drugs
like prozac are ok if you skip them for a day, some you'll notice if you do.
Prozac doesn't need blood tests either.

Most psych drugs take a month to work, though a few patients notice
early effects, and of course, for somethign like speed prescribed for
ADD, the effects will be felt in half an hour for a few hours or day afterwards. Same with benzos and cannabis. But most psych meds
take a little time.

So: Google what you need, what's generic/cheap/tested or what's state
of the art. Personally, I like thc, nicotine, caffeine, ethanol (cutting down),
serotonin to sleep, prozac chronically, pristiq recently I find I like the
slight stim effects ---not abusable, believe me I'd know, but I can notice
it when I don't take it.

Without chemistry, life would be impossible.

Claim 80g PETN can't take a plane down:


But the test was at atmospheric pressure with an aluminum (not composite)

11 March 2010

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- A federal appeals court in San Francisco upheld the use of the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance and "In God We Trust" on U.S. currency, rejecting arguments on Thursday that the phrases violate the separation of church and state.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel rejected two legal challenges by Sacramento atheist Michael Newdow, who claimed the references to God disrespect his religious beliefs.

"The Pledge is constitutional," Judge Carlos Bea wrote for the majority in the 2-1 ruling. "The Pledge of Allegiance serves to unite our vast nation through the proud recitation of some of the ideals upon which our Republic was founded."

The same court ruled in Newdow's favor in 2002 after he sued his daughter's school district for having students recite the pledge at school.

That lawsuit reached the U.S. Supreme Court in 2004, but the high court ruled that Newdow lacked the legal standing to file the suit because he didn't have custody of his daughter, on whose behalf he brought the case.

So Newdow, who is a doctor and lawyer, filed an identical challenge on behalf of other parents who objected to the recitation of the pledge at school. In 2005, a federal judge in Sacramento decided in Newdow's favor, ruling that the pledge was unconstitutional.

"I want to be treated equally," Newdow said when he argued the case before the 9th Circuit in December 2007. He added that supporters of the phrase "want to have their religious views espoused by the government."

In a separate 3-0 ruling Thursday, the appeals court upheld the inscription of the national motto "In God We Trust" on coins and currency, saying that the phrase is ceremonial and patriotic, not religious.

Reached on his cell phone, Newdow said he hadn't been aware that the appeals court had ruled against him Thursday.

"Oh man, what a bummer," he said.

Newdow said he would comment further after he had read the decisions.


Political correctness.

n the first footnote of a 1956 article in the Journal of Symbolic Logic, Robin Gandy notes that Alan Turing always spoke of the axiom of extensionalityas being 'the nigger in the woodpile'. [3]

The computing scientist E. W. Dijkstra also used the phrase in a paper, where he said, "A main nigger in the woodpile is the invention —in Europe— and the subsequent proliferation —primarily in the USA— of the term 'software engineering'."[4]

A main nigger in the woodpile is the invention --in Europe-- and the subsequent proliferation --primarily in the USA-- of the term "software engineering". The existance of the mere term has been the base of a number of extremely shallow --and false-- analogies, which just confuse the issue. In a recent issue of "Daedalus" I read an article by an American sociologist, in which he gave the popular picture of "the engineer". Parochial as sociologists usually are, he gave a very American picture; for me that was in a way illuminating, since, besides the similarities, he also gave me the differences. My conclusion was that the term "software engineering" should never have been coined. The typical engineer is an a-cultural illiterate, unable to absorb or appreciate carefully written prose, equally unable to express himself well, a socially deficient bore, whose primary role in life is to make new gadgets with his hands. (Particularly the "with-his-hands" part is still very dominant --perhaps even more so than in the USA-- in the older European Engineering Departments. Although..... Some time ago a Californian colleague wrote in a technical report that he was tired of proving the correctness of theorems "manually"! Being a little bit old-fashioned, I still use my brains for understanding.)


10 March 2010

Some folks are rude. This is their culture. Their choice (anyone can transcend their culture). Therefore discrimination is acceptable; anyone with values obviously has made decisions, has decided some good, some bad.
Folks having made bad choices can be held responsible by moral folks.

Then there's genetics. Some races are taller, or darker, or more intelligent.
Everything follows a bell curve and a lot (about 50% in most traits studied)
are genetic.

There's also artificial breeding: how many generations of eg slavery,
animal husbandry, accounting are selected for. American negroes
(not Dominican negro imposters according to an american negro, btw,
have been selected for slavery, whereas african negroes haven't.

Role models: OJ, Marion Barry, Rangel, Sleezebags Sharpton, King, Jackson
(and the pedo Jackson). Fail.

Recipe for peace: ignore race. Meritocracy. No quotas, no bias. No race.

Recipe for war: affirmative action, et al.


Lock and load.


Nearly Half of Black Women Have Herpes

Remember, rude and stupid women: rudeness is your culture, but stupidity is genetic.

09 March 2010

Now the clueless americans will figure out why they ALL get screened.

Middle aged blonde woman. Could pack enough explosives in a body
cavity to blow a plane at altitude. No electric detonator needed.

08 March 2010

“In terms of who may have been arrested, the Pakistani rumor mill belched out three very different possibilities in about six hours,” one U.S. official said. “That should tell you something right there. It’s by no means clear who, if anyone, the Pakistanis may have captured.

Ah, Paki reliability!

OC's own international heavy metal muslim hero keeps on truckin'.

07 March 2010

A city of 13 million -- with some estimates of 100,000 new arrivals a month -- Karachi as seen an influx of Pashtuns from the tribal border region with Afghanistan. Many fled there during fighting and offensives in the Northwest Frontier Province and Waziristan, making it a comfortable place for the Taliban to blend in and count on a network of supporters.

1.3e7 people in one city?

1 megaton?

His family has said they last heard from him in 2002. In 2004, the FBI identified him as part of an al Qaeda cell that was planning attacks aimed at disrupting that year's presidential election in the United States.

In October 2004, he began appearing in disguise in al Qaeda videos. Gadahn dropped the disguise in 2006.

In 2008, he renounced his U.S. citizenship and destroyed his passport in another al Qaeda video.

In his video message posted online Sunday, Gadahn says Muslims should emulate the alleged Fort Hood shooter.

In December, Gadahn released a video message in English offering condolences to "unintended Muslim victims" killed in attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere. It was a rare example of al Qaeda offering condolences to the families of those killed in the group's own attacks.



Adam Gadahn: 1
US Fascist G: 0

I saw this ---there was no coverage at news site:pk

Americans could be nottargets if they voted no empire.
Converse true also.

06 March 2010

Hi, I've visited you a few times
and was astounded & insulted by
reading about your political
bust by the local CM buttheads

I'm glad I wasn't there: I'd be
pretty pissed.

I actually did write the city
council as you had mentioned, telling them about me:
45 year old white male, master's
degree in engineering, undergrad
degree from MIT, my son
is the best speller in 4th grade,
I live and work in Irvine, found
your establishment convenient (and
extremely professional, safe,
knowledgeable, etc.)

And about you: see above, and
extremely discrete as well.

But the buttheads think they're
right. Democracy doesn't count.
Reason doesn't count. Someone might
be having fun. We can't allow that.

(Patients do not have fun. Medical
morphine patients do not get high
or addicted, only fun-seekers do.
Cannabis can be fun to the neophyte,
but that is a side effect the rest
of us have to deal with, once we
realize its other benefits.)

Guess what --you know this! You're
a spiky retired RN! Goddamn.

Anyway I could not protest at the
CM city hall today. When you folks
find a new friendlier location you are welcome to send me email or snail mail letting me know.

And thanks for your place in
history --as an oppressed shop.
Sucks now, but one day will be
written about reverently.

PS: I was amused by the casualness
of your receptionist interviewing
a farmer in the lobby one day. The mutual trust (I mean with me
an unknown customer there) was pretty cool. (The farmer was
not of the race or culture that I
imagine growers are, and which
might induce fear in other circumstances; I don't
care in biz of course, its results that
matter. I was just amused at how
they didn't care that I was there
and I didn't worry since they were
discussing business and were cool
with me :-)

My grand-uncle grew and sold
squash and corn along a road between
albany and massachusetts.

In some places, there is nothing to eat except grasses. But if you own a yak, you can
turn this into food and materials, and survive.

Yaks are the center of the lifestyle, everyone is a connaisseur of yaks, yaks are status, wealth,
they get you to work, they are the cars of Tibet, yaks are survival.

Or rather, in california, our cars are our Yaks.

This is how I came to peace with the role of cars and petrol in the US. Car worship is analogous to yak worship which is less abhorrent to me.

05 March 2010

Parents of Pentagon gunman sought a mental-health hold for their son, sheriff in California says [Updated]

March 5, 2010 | 11:31 am

John-Patrick-Bedell-PhotoThe parents of the man shot to death after pulling a gun on Pentagon police guards Thursday had reported him missing in January and asked local authorities to hold him, concerned about his mental health.

[Updated at 12:48 p.m.: The family of the gunman, John Patrick Bedell, released the following statement Friday, according to theHollister (Calif.) Free Lance:

"We are devastated as a family by the news from yesterday. To the outside world, this tragedy is the first and only thing they will know of Patrick. To us, he was a beloved son, brother, grandson, nephew, and cousin. We may never know why he made this terrible decision. One thing is clear though -- his actions were caused by an illness and not a defective character.

"We wish for the speedy and complete recovery of the two officers involved. The family asks that you respect their privacy in this terrible time."]

The parents of Bedell, 36, of Hollister filed a missing-person report on Jan. 4, said San Benito County Sheriff Curtis Hill.

Hill said the report stemmed from a call the family received from a Texas state trooper on Jan. 3. The trooper said he had stopped their son for speeding on a freeway heading west outside Amarillo, Hill said.

The trooper used Bedell’s cellphone to call Bedell’s parents, apparently trying to determine whether there was sufficient cause for a mental-health hold on Bedell.

“There’s an inference in [the report] that he was concerned about his mental health,” Hill said.

It’s unclear what Bedell’s mother told the trooper. Apparently finding no cause to hold Bedell, the trooper let him go, Hill said.

Hill said Bedell’s mother called San Benito County sheriff’s deputies the next day to report her son missing and to ask for a mental-health hold in the event he was located. Deputies went to the Bedell house later. By then, his mother said, he had returned home, but she told deputies she couldn’t find him.

The missing-person case remained open until Jan. 18, when deputies returned to the Bedell home. His father told them he’d returned and to cancel the missing-person report, which they did, Hill said.

[Updated at 12:34 p.m.: In the San Benito County sheriff’s Jan. 4 missing-person report, Bedell’s father said Patrick and Patrick's brother had been in an argument about three weeks before. The father said he had not seen Patrick since Dec. 30. His son, he said, had been living and working in San Jose, but he didn’t know where.

According to the report, the Texas state trooper told Bedell’s mother, Karen, that he was concerned for her son's mental health because his car appeared to be in disarray. He said that Bedell had told him he was on his way to the East Coast.

Bedell’s mother told the officer that he was OK, according to the report. She spoke briefly with her son, who said he was OK.

The father told San Benito County deputies that he was concerned for his son’s safety. He said Bedell had a medical marijuana card, had been detained for mental evaluation before and had no friends or relatives on the East Coast.

On January 18, deputies returned to the Bedell home. Bedell’s father said his son had returned a few days before, and asked his parents “not to ask him any questions about where he was,” according to the report. Deputies removed his name from the missing-persons database.]

In 2006, Orange County court records show, Bedell was arrested and charged with cultivating marijuana and resisting arrest. The marijuana charge was later dropped and he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of resisting arrest. He served three years' probation, which ended in August, and for which he did Caltrans community service, according to court records.

[Updated at 1:26 p.m. Irvine police arrested Bedell at his apartment on Amherst Aisle after neighbors reported him growing marijuana on a balcony.

Seeing the plants, officers obtained a search warrant for his apartment. Four days later, they returned and found 16 marijuana plants, along with an irrigation system, lights and other growing equipment. Bedell was alone in the apartment, according to the police report, and was arrested. He refused to leave under his own power and officers had to carry him to the patrol car.

Officers confiscated cards listing his name and a business, One Gram Cannabis, said Irvine police Lt. Henry Boggs.]

Bedell had recently attended San Jose State University as a graduate student, studying electrical engineering, said Pat Harris, university spokeswoman. He’d enrolled in courses in the fall of 2008 through fall of 2009, she said. He hadn’t enrolled for the 2010 spring semester, but “he was a student in good standing. He was not on academic probation” nor did he have a criminal record at the university, Harris said.

Deborah Richardson is Donald Bren's bitch. Makes almost $200k
as a dean. Bren has had at least three bastard-mommas. Richardson
has no kids, only dogs, what a pair.
  • Denial (this isn't happening to me!)
Well obviously it is or you wouldn't be thinking about it so hard.
  • Anger (why is this happening to me?)
This is pretty stupid if your injury isn't due to another person. What part of Random don't you understand?
  • Bargaining (I promise I'll be a better person if...)
There is no bargaining as the end is inevitable, dude.
  • Depression (I don't care anymore)
FTS, I've deal with depression my whole life. Prozac and THC can help.

  • Acceptance (I'm ready for whatever comes)
Well frickin' duh. Always be ready. Always be grabbing things that lead you to your goals, that's how you reach them. Filter feeding.

You WILL die from plumbing or cancer. Cancer must eventually get you because you must make copying errors, you must make copies, and if you make enough of the right copying errors in the right place you get rogue replicators, ie cancer.

Plumbing failures are much more pedestrian from an information theoretic point of view.

One or the other will get you, so enjoy your time.

PS: there's a good Simpsons episode in which the levels are run through in a few minutes. Most amusing.

Middle age:
time flies

gout and roids

wondering about endgame, cancer or plumbing?

in the end it has to be cancer, (because I'm not at absolute zero,
so) I make copying errors. Make enough errors and you've got a
rogue replicator.

Bedell was a local!

A California man accused of trying to make his way inside the Pentagon, opening fire and wounding two officers, had trouble with police in Orange County.

John Patrick Bedell, a 36-year-old man who officials said drew at least one gun and started firing Thursday evening, served time in Orange County Jail in 2006, said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Bedell, a resident of Hollister, lived in Irvine during the time of the arrest, authorities said.

Bedell was arrested by Irvine police in 2006 on suspicion of cultivating marijuana and resisting arrest, Amormino said.

According to the Orange County Superior Court file on the case, Bedell suffered from bipolar disorder.

In February 2008, Bedell wrote to a judge in the case saying he had bipolar disorder and it led to a psychiatric hospitalization.

Also in the court file is a letter from a psychiatrist, Dr. J. Michael Nelson with San Benito County Behavioral Health. Nelson wrote that Bedell "struggles with a variant of bipolar illness. This is characterized by depression, anxiety, mood swings, and ideas of reference, among other symptoms."

Nelson wrote that Bedell was relatively symptom free while on medication. However, Bedell fell out of treatment between 2005 and 2007 and his anxiety and depression began to reappear, Nelson wrote. "His effort to deal with it included self-medication with marijuana," the letter said.

The marijuana charge, a felony, was dropped after Bedell completed a drug program. He was also charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest.

In a handwritten explanation, Bedell told the judge: ""I cultivated marijuana for my own use. When officers arrested me, I went limp and they had to carry me away, and I blocked access to my house, delaying their lawful investigation."


“During the 20th Century, more than 70 million people, after first being disarmed, were slaughtered by their own governments,” he wrote. “This pattern appeared in Ottoman Turkey (1915-1917), the Soviet Union (1929-1945), Nazi Germany and occupied Europe (1933-1945), Nationalist China (1927-1949), Communist China (1949-1952, 1957-1960, and 1966-1970, Guatemala (1960-1981), Uganda (1971-1979), Cambodia (1975-1979), and Rwanda (1994) just to name a few.”

"Asked for identification, he pulled out a semiautomatic weapon and opened fire."

This works better with a trenchcoat. And a leather clad female assistant in sunglasses.

"The moral values of individuals and communities are increasingly attacked by a political system where deceit is routine and accepted and the only standard is power," he said in the online video.

Authorities say Bedell's had brushes with the law in the past and his Internet musing mentioned charges for marijuana possession as a reference to the government's intervention in his life.

Right on.

Good PR for Al Q too --dissent from within. Its actually correct dissent, but who expects that to matter?

According to press reports, Bedell is from Hollister in Central California's San Benito County, attended UC-Santa Cruz, where he received a degree in physics, and did graduate work at San Jose State University. Police however would not confirm those details publicly, only saying he was well educated.

Remember the Paki who shot up the line of cars going into the CIA?

Rieser, Stack, Ted K, the UCI physics dude who offed his wife, interesting when brights lose it.

04 March 2010

This is retarded: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-c-mcginley/spread-the-word-to-end-th_b_483157.html

Mar 03, 2010 16:14 EST

The Pentagon's chief legal counsel said a nine-month study on gays in the military will likely review rules for troops on sodomy and oral sex.

The Uniform Code of Military Justice prohibits sodomy and oral sex, even among consenting adults and married couples.

Pentagon General Counsel Jeh Johnson, who is helping to lead a study on the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, said he planned to review all related aspects of the military legal code.

When asked by Arkansas Democratic Rep. Vic Snyder whether that review will extend to the rules on sodomy and oral sex, Johnson said yes.

Source: AP News

MADRID (AFP) – A Spanish court on Tuesday sentenced a leader of the banned Basque separatist party Batasuna to two years in jail after convicting him on charges of glorifying terrorism.

The High Court also barred Arnaldo Otegi, the former spokesman for Batasuna, the political wing of the armed separatist group ETA, from holding public office for 16 years.

Otegi, 51, went on trial last month over his presence and speech at a 2005 tribute in the Basque region to a jailed ETA member, Jose Maria Sagarduy.

During the event Otegi said the Basque region had achieved greater powers for its regional government thanks to the efforts of "Basquepolitical prisoners and refugees and many companions who we have lost in our struggle".

He also compared Sagarduy to former South African president Nelson Mandela, a Nobel peace laureate.

His lawyers had argued that he was exercising his right to free speech but the court ruled that the comments "constitute without a doubt the crime of glorifying terrorism."


We need a regime change in Spain, they need to accept the US bill of rights. "We begin bombing in five minutes.."

Its entirely legal to glorify asymmetric warfare in various forms, one of which is what is correctly called "terrorism", and one is likely to do so, if opining, and if you believe this an effective policy. Which, obviously from history and game theory, it can be.

Rangel fail. Marion Barry fail. Whassup widdat?

03 March 2010


(CNN) -- Political, religious and sexual behaviors may be reflections of intelligence, a new study finds.

Evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa at the the London School of Economics and Political Science correlated data on these behaviors with IQ from a large national U.S. sample and found that, on average, people who identified as liberal and atheist had higher IQs. This applied also to sexual exclusivity in men, but not in women. The findings will be published in the March 2010 issue of Social Psychology Quarterly.

The IQ differences, while statistically significant, are not stunning -- on the order of 6 to 11 points -- and the data should not be used to stereotype or make assumptions about people, experts say. But they show how certain patterns of identifying with particular ideologies develop, and how some people's behaviors come to be.


Religion, the current theory goes, did not help people survive or reproduce necessarily, but goes along the lines of helping people to be paranoid, Kanazawa said. Assuming that, for example, a noise in the distance is a signal of a threat helped early humans to prepare in case of danger.

"It helps life to be paranoid, and because humans are paranoid, they become more religious, and they see the hands of God everywhere," Kanazawa said.

Participants who said they were atheists had an average IQ of 103 in adolescence, while adults who said they were religious averaged 97, the study found. Atheism "allows someone to move forward and speculate on life without any concern for the dogmatic structure of a religion," Bailey said.