12 December 2010

Needed, an app which: transmits sound/picture/video to a neutral website which collects and publishes this material. Commercial journalists and propagandists could use it as they use any open or leaked material.


Because otherwise its too easy to confiscate and erase, and your sleight of hand with memory cards is not reliable under stress.

Because your in-phone storage can be stolen before your vacation or wedding is over. Because you want to publish as easily as you tweet.

Because the "Wikileaks" (tm) concept of evidence-based journalism need not be limited to stale information. Need not be filtered or edited or hoarded or doled out or the guilty unnamed or researched.

I'm sure many readers could write such a program for their handsets and also set up the receiver, disk, website to publish. Doing so in a robust
and --if desired-- anonymous manner is a little harder. Finding a business model is the most 'science project' aspect of the endeavor.

Pure leaking, pure reporting, like cryptome, but with the John Young decision function deemed unnecessary. (I was going to write 'taken out' but that sounded hostile.) It might be readily DDoS'd ---on the information supply, not net-bandwidth-out end typical of DDoS. The cellular radio frequencies could be locally jammed or base stations disabled during an Event. It might
devolve into a mindless and biassed combination of youtube and indymedia.org and flickr, but without the censorship.

But, like robust distributed publication (cryptome) and same with slightly easier online submission (WL) and Youtube and cellphones with cameras, these things are inevitable. Youleaks? Wikitubes?

Please choose your type of service: private backup (ReporterApp) / immediate publishing (VidTweet) / immediate anonymous publishing (BlakApp)


A ridiculously huge and sometimes dangerous library maintained by no one master, waiting in one spot to be burned or bombed or bankrupted.

The Library will give you a copy of whatever you ask for, for free; but you must bring them a locked satchel that you store for them at your home.