08 December 2010

Indeed, the use of rogue and banal programs and technology
to conceal novel penetrations and takeovers or covertly aid
their success is venerable subterfuge.

Most of them taught at Ft Huachuca to the Bradley Mannings
and deployled by hotshit newbies at Cyberwarcom. Beta tested in the
wild, say like the Lady Gaga download stratgem. Some go
haywire and escape control or have unintended consequences
like Morris's worm. Shh, national security at stake.

Bizarre and comical behavior to hide the diabolical and malign.
Jesters and courtesans and priests and housekeepers and grunts
were always the best insider spies and spreaders of undermining
disinfo, and SDT mental and corporeal.

Disengineering strong crypto, a variation on stuxnetting. A bit of
code inserted on PGP servers or PGP users via key verification.

Weak attacks to assay powerful defenses. SOP in the military
to boost budgets way beyond need.

Covertly clouding illicit archives and snoops on systems of clueless
users of Skype, IM, social media, any commercial or Internet operational

Backflowing program updates used to plant snoopers on the updater

Prepositioned tick-tickers at IANA, CERT, Cyberwarcom, IRS,
eop.gov and vatican.org.

Thanks to Tesla, no thanks to Edison who kept it quiet, anything
electromagnetic can be taken over, especially those which foolishly
aim for asymmetrical control.

Following Tesla's roguosity, the Internet is a vast reverse spying
machine, with bountiful EM inititative hiding places beneath those
listed handily by those who warn only of threats they want to sell
protection for and try like hell to dismiss the others as amateurish.

You try to patent any of these, it will be classified upon receipt.

Look, it would be appreciated if you didn't put this on the Internet.