14 June 2013

more war

Every time I'm between jobs there's a nice war to watch, though little will compare with CNN a decade+ ago. Currently: yemen, afghanistan, iraq, pakistan, syria, various black african states, qatar, kuwait, Saudiland (latter several with mil bases), israel, jordan, taiwan, korea, etc. Notable is how many *kingdoms* the US spends blood and treasure on. What would Jefferson do? The islamists chased the americans out of lebanon etc during Reagan years. Still working on freeing the caliphate. They'll win. The crusades fail. US should be fighting: mexico Leaving the rest of the world alone. Israel is not the 51st state. Its a theocracy with its hands on the US's short hairs. Thanks to various senators.. yeah Feinstein, I'm looking at you... and a lot of other collaborators. If all the senators were killed, it would be an american holiday.