18 April 2013


Just to be clear, my wife made me pay big $$ for a laborer to nuke / raze my back yard. which had canopies and privacy and trees even. And she agreed to let me keep, once. Now we have bare dirt. A few leftover plants in pots. A little mint and even a strawberry plant in the dirt. One palm in the corner of the dirt. Of course our front yard is green-grass perfect (in socal, idiots...) At least we killed the Arondo, right? After massive multiple chem warfare. http://www.trbimg.com/img-516ed344/turbine/la-na-ricin-explainer-20130417-g/950 We have a few disturbed-soil castor plants that don't need anything to grow --no water, fertilizer, nothing. Just disturbed soil. Very common for that reason; a roadside invasive. Anyway, nothing eats it. Funny that --I guess you really do need your ribosomes :-) It can be pretty. I try to avoid touching it as it can heighten sensitivity; its been years since the harmless but very distracting poison ivy/oak reaction has messed with me. But that's just inflammation, not protein stoppage. You can kill it with roundup (tm). But as long as it doesn't grow around infrastructure (HVAC, sprinklers) I don't care. Somewhere someone is injecting ricin in very very low amounts into rabbits or goats, then bleeding them for antibodies. These antibodies are used to screen congressional mail. Anyone see any biblical refs here? Anyway, a few coarse hits will be resolve in a few days. Hilarious how one yahoo with a few beans can close down the Roman posts.