25 November 2011

Buggy whip company. Mediocrity, a manager for every worker.
Bought a chinese factory / competitor (?) for half its stock worth,
which is down. Many products spawned off a common software base,
but the base is ugly old and cost-constrained (1-layer bakelite phenolic
paper, carbon on plastic vias, 64KB memory and <2KB ram)

Consumer electronics while Rome burns. Nice.

Stable for a little while, inertia. See _Radical Management_ by Denning on why
outsourcing a bad idea. Estonia, India, China. Nice.

Reward the salesman and accountants whilst gutting the core competency and any
expansion potential.

Not Apple.

Dicking with IC companies, getting stabbed in the back (new RF company bypasses
us for direct contract with one of our customers). Wonderful. What happened to
value add engineering?