24 July 2011

I bought several different blenders (both stationary and handheld) and found a suitable machine,
which I bought 8 of. This blender, a stationary Electrolux machine with an ice crushing function
offered optimal circulation of grinded material vs. prills which allowed me to grind 1kg every 30
seconds. I set up 4 of these blenders 5cm from each other on a work bench with an empty 50kg
fertilizer bag next to a bag filled with 45kg of AN prills (placed just below the 4 blenders so you can
empty the blender glass containers quickly and pour it into the empty bag). You fill up each blender
and put it on the lowest strength grinding (you don't really need more grinding power than this and
higher power will most likely wear out the blenders considerably faster). I made a nice rotation
ensuring that the uptime of the 4 blenders. I then prepared 12 x 4L containers of diesel close by.
Although ANFO requires 7% diesel for optimal detonation you should add 10% or perhaps even
13% like I did to account for any evaporation etc


That author is smart and articulate and shows a mix of both esoteric and amateur technical knowledge and DIY skills. He describes how he rents a farm to buy farm-sized quantities of AN, the months-long stages of the operation. He references plenty of inet research of course. Invents his own armor, poison bullets. Has a guide of conduct for the Knights. And obsessed with fairly standard immie-demographics fear of course. Reading it is, at times, like watching over Ted K.'s shoulder, in his shack. The pros and cons of various types of aluminum for grinding into powder. (Avoid the gummy alloys). He shows social insights, like appear conservative and hide your tattoos, which certainly helped him stay under the radar (cf american skinheads).

Supposedly he's freely lecturing the cops, just like the much less technically capable Pakistani MBA who tried to propane/firework NYC.

Blowing shit up is certainly a good way to get people to read your scribe. Terrorism --effective strategy for the Irish, for Moses, UNABOMB, and in Reagan's Lebanon.