11 March 2011


Ok. I think either the sales dude (promising stuff
the company has zero resources for, just "process")
thought it antisocial that I wore headphones to concentrate;

or the napoleonic ceo who hasn't programmed in decades
thought I was too independent.

In any case I feel bad for the remaining two staff and consultant.
Now doing testing, not development.

Agile doesn't mean disposable, and don't make promises you can't keep.

Even more disincentivising, the ceo goes on about not needing to work.

And rants about ethics, but puts one clients files on anothers machine.
Sells staff and hours he doesn't spend.

I prev worked for a company that failed because they underestimated the complexity of a project. In this case, they got 4 months out of me (and I learned
a bunch) but they are on the trainwreck path --zero assets but a couple
of desparate staff and a hypersocial salespsychopath. They claimed to have
been around for 8 years, but most of that was a hasbeen doing v&v grunt work.
The office had zero supplies, not even a voltmeter. My cube was surrounded by
two mech es who talked excessively, and there were three or four other people
in auditory range. And I was supposed to learn and code. They think this is
agile. I think they don't understand concentration or thinking --they're all
fake smiles fake confidence over things they don't actually control,
no value on the actual producers of value. No need for programmers / architects
to have quiet. Nor for your ees or photonics doctorates.

Sales psychopath worked for Douche-Toilette for years. Too big to fail.
Too useless to handle criticism.

But his sychophanty has addicted the zircon encrusted
hasbeen engineer manager.

Entropy happens, I guess.