05 March 2011

Nice to see any scientist celebrated.

M. Skłodowska was a founding radiochemist,
as was her husband, M. Curie. That she was female and Polish is worth noting, but
really, you should read her papers, because the group she really belonged to was
Science. Get over anything else, you diminish the Person. Her tribal identities would have
held her back anyway.

The pictures of the exhibit were pleasing as was the snapshot of the slightly strongly jawed Ms. Steinkamp. But really, M. S. et al worked really hard at purifying the more radioactive parts of uranium ores *(daughter isotopes). And she did this with "bear skins and stone knives" ie electroscopes, there were no electronics. Glass and metal foil and clocks, folks.

That is amazing. How few of the arteests will appreciate that labor. Instead she's just a token for so many of them. Shame.

BTW, I've made yellowcake from ore from an abandoned mine in the mojave and Home Depot chemicals (sulphuric, ammonia). Its not hard. Confirm with an ebay cdv700. But to perform the Curie work, if you understand it, is amazing. Separatory chemistry. With stone knives.

Its not feminism. Its individualism.