30 January 2011

A few days ago, heard some weird cat noises. A stray had entered our garage, eatens some kibble, and the housecat had gotten very very upset.

Closed the garage door, vistitor exited rapidly. Left some food, was eaten, doing so again.
Will adopt if necessary; however poundcat is Primary and very cool. He knows to sit on my lap when I sit on the couch. Every time. Awesome.

Went to aquarium today. Filled with handicapped, drooling and spinning. Free tickets from wifey though.

Brought the octopus out with the green laser. Forced the fishschools to attend the green dot.
Did not get kicked out or talked to.

Watched giant seals get fed. The Marlin .22 with a plastic stock was marketed to fishermen to shoot those beasts that stole the fish.

Shined laser on clam; clam shut shell, slowly. Was very cool demo that the spots are actually eyes!