08 October 2009

Some predictions:

US will leave afghanistan after about 2-4000 have died there. It will occasionally
launch airstrikes.

US will leave Iraq, it will devolve into the Islamic republic of.

US dollar will decline further; oil traded in anything but.

Israel might bomb Iran, or we might; unsure. Major fustercluck if so.

US will continue "Patriot fnord Act" (tm) and continue path towards fascism,
in the name of pursuing the "lone wolf" ie anyone.

NPR will continue to be a smarmy propoganda outlet.

California will legalize cannabis to pull itself out of bankrupcy,
and eliminate National Forest clandestine farming. Not sure if the
US will revert to Bush-era fascism. Barak and his feds
need to smoke a big one.

Gun sales will continue to do well, as BO could still be assasinated. (That's
why folks are buying, HTTY)

Biden would of course be worse. I bet he'd pick the Israeli-agent Lieberman as VP.

"Support our troops" should be "support your troops" as the elite don't send their sons (or daughters, hah) to be cannon fodder.