13 January 2009

Catkido is Aikido applied to cats. Domestic felines. Pussydats.

Its my own invention. My current supplier of domestic feline services was in a bitey mood a while ago. I might have even gotten "cat scratch fever"; in any case, we're cool.

Catkido Rule #1: Cats have more degrees of freedom than your arms. They have flexible spines, great arms, flexible shoulders, and all you have is a forearm. You can x, y, twist your wrist, and your thumb has 2D, and your four fingers 1D, but the cat wins.

Catkido Rule #2: Go towards the attacker. Cats are all about sharp things that guide you to their bellies where their rear claws can shred you. Their front claws bring you in. Their teeth are sharp. If you try to pull out, you are in the Shred Machine. But if you push towards the attacker, he freaks and releases and runs.

Now, you can often blow air in their face to achieve release, cats not having lips and being freaked by air, esp. in the eyes, nictating membranes notwithstanding; but pushing towards the Cat Vortex of Shred totally confuses them.

I will continue to develop the Art as I grow. Catkido is a Tao, not just a goof.