30 May 2008

Heard a radio interview with some folks who lost their house to Katrina.
Nonetheless, despite living with 4 other kids, they had yet another kid a year later
while still living off the public dole --paid for hotel & catered food, since they
don't have a kitchen in their hotel. WTF? Can't you learn to eat without
a kitchen? Zillions of students and others do. Can't you learn to use contraceptives
or are you just stupid? He works surveillance at a casino, she's a waitress.
Yet they're arrogant. Typical Americans.

29 May 2008

In the last year, two boys died in american football practice locally, both within
2 miles of my house. Both of cardiac arrest.


An interesting question is whether they would have gotten to breeding age if they hadn't been jocks.

No loss.