30 December 2013


Ok, long time no post.  Look at a screen all day, don't want to look at them later.

Xmas break.  Forced offwork.

Got a pound+ of brominating spa chemicals (Bromo-chloro-dimethylhydantoin) at the local recyling place.  Its been staring at me in my mancave / garage for a month.

Had some 20% perox ie wood bleach from same place.

Both free.

Mix in 180mL Ozeki sake cup, with salsa tube with icecube + water on top.
(Obviously, free too)

Profit.  Get bubbling orange water.  Add a layer of paint thinner on top, it gets more intense (Br soluable in nonpolars.. as well as making Bromine water).  On the plastic tub capping the reaction flask I see orange condensate --pure Bromine.

Smells like between Chlorine and Iodine, not surprisingly.  Not very dangerous outside, it doesn't get much hot, and Br is noticable well before harming you.

The reaction is much like getting iodine by oxidizing KI with perox.

When I was a kid I almost gassed myself with pool chlorine + acid.

I've worked with Iodine, eg NI3, as a kid.

I will not mess with fluorine :-)