26 August 2013

historical jewish tomato harvesting

During late 1951 Eddie decided to try growing tomatoes in south Florida. The timing was perfect for him. The growing season for tomatoes didn’t start until the growing season in upstate New York ended, and it was over in time for Eddie to return to New York. He shipped his equipment to Florida and rented a modest field near Homestead, south of Miami, where he successfully grew a tomato crop.

The following summer he spoke enthusiastically about Florida farming to my father, and convinced him that he should join him in a larger tomato growing venture during the coming winter growing season. 

My parents would usually close their tavern for a winter vacation in Florida. The vacations had been limited when my sisters were in high school because they objected to missing classes, but once they both went to college and I was the only public school student, the vacation periods lengthened. I didn’t particularly mind missing some school. Although the school administration objected to my leaving school for a time, my father told them that he and my mother were going to Florida, and did they expect them to leave me home alone? While I was away, they marked my report card “on vacation” for the time that I was gone. Only one teacher, Miss Bennett, the mathematics teacher, penalized me by not letting me return to intermediate algebra, because she thought that I had missed too much while on vacation.


Growing Tomatos in Florida

My uncle Eddie was a full time farmer. A bachelor for most of his life, he didn’t own a home. Most years he boarded with my uncle Max or with my uncle Harry during the vegetable growing season in upstate New York. Eddie didn’t like winter, and at the end of the farming season he usually drove his gray Hudson pick up truck to Florida.

Vegetable farming, or “truck farming” as it was generally known, did not require a great deal of equipment. The typical crops were corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, and various types of summer and winter squash. The major piece of equipment was a tractor equipped with a plow to till the soil, a harrow or disc to break up the plowed soil, cultivators to destroy weeds growing in the rows, and a trailer to haul bags of fertilizer and hand tools throughout the fields and to bring the ripe produce to a central point. A lot of the work was manual labor: cutting the weeds away from each growing plant with a long handled hoe. 

when I was a kid I had to "rake rocks" from the new england terrain.  I got too much sun; will probably kill me.  Also, it sucked.

Now, I farm cannabis in potting soil in 5 gal pots, bottom irrigated for the most part, at ca. 30 lat.

Jack, dig? 

20 August 2013

This is one and a half potato chips per minute. from sun

At max Arizona Noon June insolation, 1000 W/m^2.

that is 1000 joules / sec / m^2

BTW I am supposedly 2.4 m^2 according to my Dr :-)
so half my body (eg, lying on the beach) is ca. 1 m^2.

1000 J = 1000 J / 4.12 J/cal = 250 cal = 0.25 Cal.  Per sec. (as watts are j/sec)

60/4 = 15 Cal per minute.  

This is one and a half potato chips per minute.

18 August 2013

final solution

Everyone in govt --kill them. And their wives.

They are terrorists.  Enemies of the state.

If you are not in US, and you see a US person, off them.
Otherwise, treat them as your master.

Your choice.

17 August 2013

Idle: 550 rpm
Idle with AC: 700 rpm
diff: 150 rpm

freeway: 3000 rpm

550 rpm / 60 sec/min = 9 rps.

9 RPS (measured) X 2.5L (nom total cylinder cap) X 0.25 (Otto four-stroke) = 5.6 L/sec

I personally breathe maybe a tenth of that?   Or less?

I once freaked on a concrete-lined freeway into LA when I realized all these creeping cars were competing with me for oxygen.

need to figure out caloric intake

egypt, libertarian apologetica for tariff suggestion

1. Egypt is in civil war, few say this
2. Egypt military took over but USG won't say "coup" because this cuts off
$USD 1,500,000,000 bribe to Egypt military ie puppet control of egypt
3. US prefers EG mil to Mus Bros because MB is related to Al Q and very
much less manipulable.  Not many USG handlers of MB members, cf .mil.
4. But USG has lost the caliphate, the crusades were fired up again ~1982
and the muslims won thirty years later.  Look at USSR btw in .af.  And project for .us.

Beware foreign entanglements --Gen Washington.

Limit borders ---impose import tariffs--- buy open market resources but do not colonize, or support, any foreign govt, including Israelies or various Middle Eastern puppet kingdoms.  Sure, develop renewables including nuclear, and help the Canadians with their exports.  Limit population.  Build infrastructure, not wars = enemies.

Stay the F out of european, asian, middle eastern wars.  Be a leader by example, like Switzerland.

The BoR is beautiful, respect it.  Or earn disdain for not respecting it.
This is how "values" work.

BTW, tariffs (as cautiously proposed, above) are counter to pure lib principles.
I am currently working this out.
I may be wrong, though I think *in the current evil environment* I may be right.
That's admittedly a horrible distortion.
In a real free market, such intervention would be immoral.

Maybe this is a reaction to (unexeceptional) human obsolescence,
and the usual exponential pop growth.  Malthus is undeniable.

Maybe civ collapses in 20 years (2038 anyone? :-) and we're drying deer hides on the guard rails of freeways, see Fight Club.  Maybe misremembered.   I only hope my kid is adaptive.  and immune if there's an epidemic.  my personal survival instinct is somewhat atrophied after 49 orbits.  I do like my felines, canids, corvids, captured tweety, hummingbird, bats, lizards, mice, rates, but I am very
Engaged with Nature.

And so, amused by the tragicomedy of human affairs.  Anthropologist from Mars.

minaret fire

Face it, the Islamic Minaret is the awesomest sniper tower ever, like that (Chicago?) university thing dozens of years ago.  That was just a psycho not a whole geopoliticoreligious thang.

Let my people go, vs. shoot random people.

High ground.  Always useful.

Also, hot air balloons, blimps, airplanes, ICBMs, and satellites.  Yum.

Fox and rabbits.

Over and out

16 August 2013

dispatching jobs

Among my most brilliant and spontaneous exclamations ever.

Someone was talkiing about an apple server dispatching (ie executing, running) jobs (ie, tasks, threads, processes).

I overheard, I said, I thought pancreatic cancer dispatched Jobs.


He had a real orphaned child complex, with abandonment appearing prominently in this article.
Newton and Darwin and Einstein. Newton was a brilliant loon, ran the mint; Darwin I think depressive in old age but my buddy (I'd give a year of my life to meet him); and Einstein a dick towards his first wife, also my buddy. I'd also trade a year for a day with Newton.
But, so what? Meat vs. mind.
I wouldn't with Jobs though. Feynmann, Teller, many others, yes.

hit reset now

The question is, does it really surprise you? 

That the USG would cooperate with people like that?  That it would kill US citizens without due process?  That it would record all senators' emails, so they can be manipulated?   And yours, in case you ever need to be manipulated? 

What, exactly, is surprising to you? 


"National security" should not be the backdoor root password to the Constitution.
Time to hit RESET and re-image from the original parchment.

14 August 2013

cognitive dissonance

Went for a pre-screen "illegal drug" urine test, then visited my dispensary.

13 August 2013

do the math

osama bin laden


In November 2004, a United Nations Secretary General report described terrorism as any act "intended to cause death or serious bodily harm to civilians or non-combatants with the purpose of intimidating a population or compelling a government or an international organization to do or abstain from doing any act".[19]

So remote missile attacks by one country on another's population, to convince that population not to offend the missileer's population, is terrorism.

Got that Obama?


Nonresistance (or non-resistance) is generally defined as "the practice or principle of not resisting authority, even when it is unjustly exercised".[1] At its core is discouragement of, even opposition to, physical resistance to an enemy. It is considered as a form of principled nonviolence or pacifism which rejects all physical violence, whether exercised on individual, group, state or international levels. Practitioners of nonresistance may refuse to retaliate against an opponent or offer any form of self-defense. Nonresistance is often associated with particular religious groups.

The following is a general list and not exhaustive.[14][15]
  • Motorized vehicles are not to be owned or driven. The Amish may request a neighbor to drive them, or may hire a driver and rent a car.
  • The Amish may not travel on an airplane.
  • Clothing codes are to be followed:
    • Males are to wear hats when outside. Black is for the winter, straw color is for the warmer months.
    • Suspenders, not belts, keep up the trousers.
    • Once boys marry, they are expected to grow a beard but shave their upper lip. Unmarried boys must be clean-shaved.
    • Mustaches are frowned upon, because in German culture they have historically been associated with military officers.
    • Clothing must be home sewn.
    • Women are never to shave any part of their body nor to cut their hair.
    • Females must keep their head covered, usually with a prayer bonnet. The color denotes marital status (different colors may be used by different settlements).
  • Social Security or other commercial insurance is forbidden.
  • Children are to attend school through the eighth grade. After that, they are expected to work on the farm or in the home. A parent may find them a job to bring in additional income for the family.
  • Full-length mirrors are forbidden, because they are thought to promote vanity and self-admiration.
  • Jewelry is not to be worn, not even wedding rings. Other symbols (beards for men, and black bonnets for women) are used, in lieu of rings, to represent marital status.
  • An Amish person who has taken the church vow, and who has been found guilty by the bishop of breaking one of the Ordnung rules, can be punished by the Meidung (excommunication or shunning).
  • Mobile vehicles, such as buggies or farm implements, must not have rubber tires.
  • (Among the Old Order) Church members must not be photographed.
  • (Among the Old Order) Telephones are forbidden.
  • The use of batteries is allowed (in some districts) for emergency flashlights and similar devices, but discouraged in the home.
  • Word processors (powered by generator or DC) are allowed for school and church administrative use. Only non-electric typewriters are used in the home.
  • Electricity is not allowed in the home. Electrical energy is allowed in community dairy barns, but only generator power (not grid power).
  • Those who are able to work must do so from Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, however, no laborious work is to be done.
  • Amish young women and young men are expected to marry other Amish.
Examples of Practices Prescribed by the Ordnung:
  • color and style of clothing
  • hat styles for men
  • order of worship service
  • kneeling for prayer in worship
  • marriage within the church
  • use of horses for fieldwork
  • use of Pennsylvania German
  • steel wheels on machinery
Examples of Practices Prohibited by the Ordnung:
  • air transportation
  • central heating in houses
  • divorce
  • electricity from public power lines
  • entering military service
  • filing a lawsuit
  • jewelry, including wedding rings and wrist watches
  • joining worldly (public) organizations
  • owning computers, televisions, radios
  • owning and operating an automobile
  • pipeline milking equipment
  • using tractors for fieldwork
  • wall-to-wall carpeting
— Donald B. Kraybill , The Riddle of Amish Culture, Revised Edition p.115
  • Electricity from utility companies is considered worldly. Bottled gas may be used to heat water, fuel ranges, and run refrigerators. Gas-pressured or kerosene lanterns provide lighting. Batteries power the red lights on buggies. Gasoline generators may provide energy for washing machines, water pumps, and agricultural equipment.
  • Telephones may be placed in booths, an unlocked barn, or an Amish school. Cellular phones and voice mail, may only be used by a business to compete, but this is permitted on a case by case basis.
  • The Amish travel in horse-drawn buggies, and use horses to pull farm machinery. The horse allows them to take life at a slower pace, and it puts limits on their lives, slowing their work, and requiring additional labor. If business or personal needs necessitate a longer drive, the Amish may hire a taxi.
  • The Amish complete their eighth grade education in a one-room private school, taught by an Amish teacher who also attended school through the eighth grade. The skills of spelling, English, German, mathematics, geography, and health are taught. Some basic science may be taught about animals, stars, and planets. Religion is not taught as a subject, but is an important part of the school program, especially as it relates to behavior.
"Amish practices evolve over time. As modernization takes place, the Amish negotiate to what degree they will accept and utilize technology and other practices of the outside world. This cultural compromise has allowed the Amish to remain a distinct group, yet survive economically."[16]

Perhaps the oldest recorded statement of nonresistance philosophy is that of Socrates around 399 BC. An influential ancient Greekphilosopher, Socrates was sentenced to death by the Athenian democracy for teaching his students to question authority and think for themselves. Socrates accepted his fate on reasons of morality and justice, rather than accept help from his supporters to fleeAthens and escape execution.

Gandhi's Satyagraha movement was based on a belief in resistance that was active but at the same time nonviolent, and he did not believe in using non-resistance (or even nonviolent resistance) in circumstances where a failure to oppose an adversary effectively amounted to cowardice. 'I do believe,' he wrote, 'that where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence.'"[2]

Author James R. Graham wrote, "The Christian is not a pacifist, he is a non-participationist."

(yes btw I am scanning wikipedia..)

12 August 2013

Boko Haram

Boko Haram

Literally, books are forbidden/bad.


I figure a few megatons in the right places in afrika will
fix things right up.  And solve that overpop problem.

Anything flies out of afrika, shoot it down.

10 August 2013

feinstein goes full fascist

Feinstein decides who is of the privledged reporter class, and the rest of us livestock


Find a tree I've got rope

caffeine rant

Memory storm.

Provoked by: it turns out some flowers make caffeine in their nectar.  And it turns out this improves bees' memory.
Which is obviously useful to the plant.

So, I require bee memory stimulants to be productive.  Ok.  There are worse dependancies (pancreatic enzymes from farmed animals or GM bacteria for diabetics).

The interesting thing of course is that the same stims that work for bees work for me.  Our last common ancestor was a long while ago.

But apparently not really that long.
That's why fruit flies and mice are useful too.

09 August 2013

silver fire

The fire grew by 2,000 acres to 25 square miles overnight but it was significantly less active Friday morning.   2013-08-09  15:36

That's good news... the winds are still west to east... though the inflammable hills have been lit, may have reached the ridgeline.

BTW check out http://hint.fm/wind/


08 August 2013

Chris Christie hanging

CC now attempts to prohibit Bill of Rights to those on a government secret list.


You know what the consequences should  be.

the revolution will be televised, your video will play momentarily..

The revolution will be televised, your video will play momentarily..

News from yemen, tanzania, libya, egypt,

Caliphate?   Win.  Crusaders?  Fail.


Beware foreign entanglements.

PS: stop saying homeland, say Fatherland like you mean.. got national socialism?  corrupt empire?  Eisenhower's "Complex"?

The Gores are anti-west terrorists.  Trying to influence state policy via fear.

Oh sorry, only the USG can certify terrorists, even if democratically elected.

Riiiiight.  And the US is not an Israeli satellite.  Okay then.

What's the weather like in Ft Meade?   Eastern Med?

conspiracy theory

LOL, Obama flies out of Pendleton then there's a massive fire under his flightpath.  Sucks to chuck those antiSAM flares over a volatile forest, eh?

Ladar Levison is a hero

New hero:
Ladar Levison shut down his email service rather than comply with secret government wiretapping orders.


clue for folks living near forests succeptible to fires

If you live in a fire possible area,

don't use flammable or dark exterior materials
do keep clearance
do grow succulent barriers
do back your data up offsite

gunnite (sprayable concrete) may be your friend well in advance

meltable plastic bags filled with water may be useful

that acrylimide water gel used in diapers, paint hardeners, and soil water retention may be useful for immobilizing water

Get your unscanned unbacked-up life pictures etc in a box.  And your "docs", guns, meds, and other bugout necessities.

bring cameras, notepads, pens, watches, water, water, water, foodbars.

Your car will catastrophically fail in heat: tires blow, windows shatter, interior catches fire, then engine and fuel tank.

Am also disturbed when I see a 200 gallon propane tank in front of a burning house.  Because I was imagining being a fireman (not possible with my current physical plant!) seeing that.

Firemen: do not risk yourselves.  Its all mesmerizing movement until someone gets hurt.

Silver fire predictions 2013-08-08 13:47pdt

Winds are currently, unusually, from west to east.  Fire just hit the high-fire potential areas (steep and trees, not grass), see pic.  Fire is 10% contained.

Having hit hills, fire will grow eastward doubling in size.  When the winds change direction, it may then grow towards the southwest.

Could have awesome sunsets in SoCal!

The three leftmost dots not in the boundary were just added.

residential citrus as a persistent resevoir of huanglongbing

This is interesting:

Prospects are dim for the ubiquitous backyard citrus orchards of California as residential growers are unlikely to consistently use the pesticides which provide effective control in commercial orchards.[11]

Basically, regular people with an orange tree will keep the infection and its vectors alive.  Which sucks for the more concerned and thus vigilant industrial growers.

Hey, squirrels keep Bubonic Plague going...


Huanglongbing is the awesome name of citrus greening disease.

Its carried by psyllids.   the Asian citrus psyllid (Sternorrhyncha: Psyllidae).  Can't imagine how that got to California, lol.

Supposedly it could damage Ca's $2e9 citrus crop.  Several ag counties are quarantined. 

Imagine the bio-vandalism if you were to spread it?   

Smack trees with plastic paddles to shake out the bugs onto sheets: catch, (drive and) release.

Also fun with zebra mussells and asian carp in the great lakes region.

"Why no, I don't have any fruits or vegetables with me..." just insects.

Just a gedankenexperiment on the fragility of ecosystems to invasion, the role of mobile vectors like birds, bees, cars, jet planes...

twelve monkeys..

fire, africa

Silver Fire going on.

In Kenya, a fire at their capital airport.  The firemen looted electronics and ATMs.  Isn't Africa hilarious?

07 August 2013


A USG Dept of War's several hundreds of billion dollar fast U235  fission  project (2013 USD) was tried for the first time, in 1945, today, never tested before.  It worked.  Not really as much a surprise as the (Pu implosion) Trininty test in July, but damn, not testing that beast before deployment, wow, not very ISO-9001 to deploy before test.  Despite all the amazing lab work, the chicago hemmoroids, etc.
Can you imagine if it didn't work?   But then, it had to work, it was just physics getting worked out.  Its like cutting an apple stem and expecting it not to fall.

The unfortunate side effect was showing that it was possible.  Although, granted, a review of the prewar physics would have led to it in a decade (IMHO).

Boom, no hiroshima.  Boomboomboomboom no Dresden.  Don't say we know its coming because it will compromise our codebreaking, Coventry sacrificed.

Bigbadaboom no World Trade Center.


I was recently looking into how the V2 guidance worked, I was impressed.  (1940's servos!!!)
They built them in factories built under mountains.  (sound
familiar?)  A V2 is a single stage rocket somewhat like the scud.
It carried explosive that *had to withstand the heat of reentry from
50 mi up*.  I never knew that.  Pretty amazing!

vonBraun was surprised that the anglos hadn't utilized Robert Goddard's work, which was VB's practical foundation.

RG's first rocket was clueless, you cannot stabilize a rocket by having the nozzle above the mass.  though you'd think so, you can't.
But he's so happy standing next to it.  He was awesome.

Bottle rockets use the *aerodynamics* of the stick to guide motor.
Once hit the Pru from a brownstone in Boston.  Don't ask.

The V2 had gyros, servos, and controlled both aeilerons (useful when flying in air) and exhaust vanes (useful when starting out before aeilerons would work, and when above the air).  Cf Estes rockets which use metal rods for initial guidance and then aft fins.

I mention this off-topic crap since some of you might appreciate 1940s
control tech.  Else hit 'delete' or 'next'

You start by using gas tank pressure to force peroxide into a gas generator.  This drives your pumps to force huge amounts of fuel into a chamber already lit (but not particularly thrusty) with a simple electric pyro.  Rocket chambers are 100 atmospheres.  that means the pumps must achiever greater than that injection pressure.  That was the key insignt for me.  LOL.

A gas otto engine compression is 8 atm.  Diesels maybe 12?

A brisant explosive is maybe 100K to 1M atmospheres, for a very short time.

Gas in your gut is a small percentage of atmospheric.  But distention hurts!

(PS: Consider: Your BP is 150:100 mm Hg compared to 760 mm Hg of the ocean of air above you.  )

clearly I'm raving.


VT You aim the direction (azimuth), set the range (ie fuel amount), that's the total steering you have.

Whee, london.


Sorry, rockets are OT, except for nuclear rockets, which have the same control issues, yawn.  And heavy.

And aren't terribly popular for near earth games.   Nukes do power deepspace probes (Cassini) and various modern robogeologists on Mars.  Brrrr, Martian winter so cold, light so dim.
My plutonium heart beats strong.  I drill rocks, you keep me busy, ok?

night of power

Wednesday marks the fifteenth anniversary of al-Qaeda’s bombings of the U.S. embassies in Nairobi -

Africa travel hit after fire ravages Nairobi airport

06 August 2013

Wendy Wright is an ape

Wendy Wright 

American fundiechristian loonie!

ZOMG.. specimen under the microscope.

Why important that everyone believe like you --says the dogmachristianfudie!


Richard Dawkins

Shit http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-AS6rQtiEh8

needs serious bitchsmack for the sake of the human race

please please please


go to the museums and look


sorry, a frustration that many people don't see how evil these "people" are

Dr Richard dawkins is on beta blockers and benzodiazepines

There is NO WAY the good Dr is able to interact with this prokaryote without being on serious sedatives.  Perhaps I'm projecting.  Damn, RD, damn.

My hero.

show me the intermediaries


Hilarious, a mindless H. sapiens tries to make meaningful noises when pretending to converse with Dr. Richard Dawkins.

How could he not bitchslap her?

How does he maintain?

I'm impressed sir.